Saturday, April 21, 2012

Mini Challenge: PAY IT FORWARD

I was playing tennis today at the courts near the school.   Everytime the ball went loose and my friend and I had to run to the fence to retrieve it, we'd have to brush off all the dead leaves it had landed in, in a rim all around the double court.  I joked "where's the court janitor?"  Me?  Why the heck not??  It needs to be done and, truth be told, it's not REALLY paying it forward since I'll be directly benefitting from it also.  I just like that I've managed to tie my pay-it-forward to my fitness project like this.  :)    And I like thinking that other unknown people will show up at the tennis courts in the near future and either be pleasantly surprised at how tidy it is, or won't really notice but will simply enjoy a tidier and more pleasant tennis game.


  1. Gestures like that are really meaningful and do make a difference! I know I'd appreciate it :)

  2. Imagine a world where everyone would make that choice.
    It would be a beautiful place!