Wednesday, April 18, 2012

But will I ALWAYS want a small waist more than a big bagel?

I'm not making excuses anymore when my weigh-in isn't what I expected.  What makes me and my situation any different from anyone else stepping on a scale on any given morning?   We're all dealing with imperfect tools, and we all agree the scale isn't our only or our best fitness gauge.  But it is one way to track it.  One tricky way.  And so my bloating, my unburned fat, or whatever else constitutes an excuse counts still.  If it counts on the scale, it counts in my progress.  So time to shut up with the explanations & excuses and just report my progress.

I'm puffy in the middle.  Recent info I'm learning indicates it's probably due to too many starches/breads in my diet.  I'm trying to figure out how much I want a perfectly flat belly.  I know I want to burn more cellulite and develop better muscle tone.  But I'm not entirely sure I want to give up grains.  I could do it short term to lose weight if I thought I could maintain while enjoying them again later.  But I can't go through life without bread, pasta or rice.  I'm part Italian, my family gatherings are all about pasta and breads, and my favorite foods are Indian and Chinese - both of which kinda need the rice to fully enjoy, in my opinion.  So now how do I determine how much to enjoy them, how often, and what that means for my weight loss goals?  Can I reach 140 and remain there with a few sandwiches or a bagel and some rice each week?  Will I just be more bummed for losing and then regaining?  I think I want to try harder to lose without giving up grains...limit them more, certainly, but I don't want to give them up if I can't stick with giving them up.

I may change my mind in a couple weeks if I keep working hard without seeing improvement in my puffy mid section.

Today's report and motivation pics:
 Exercise:  Crunch Step & Sweat w/ 10" step, and 30 min/2 miles on treadmill, alternating 6mph jog and slower/steeper incline.

Your Daily Summary

GoalFoodExercise= Net
12101690- 593  1097

Some pic from a random pinterest fitness album , encouraging us to get our booties firm by summer.  Well, OK, if you say so, pinterest people.  I'll just go ahead and look like her. (this pic makes me want to erase my whole previous message and swear off bread for life.)  
 This one's in honor of Plum Petals:
Gina Carano - genuine tough fit chick extraordinaire.


  1. LOVE the photo!! Thank you *hug*
    I'm going to print that out and put it in my gym locker ;)

    I don't think you need to give up grains completely. I've greatly minimized my grains - once maybe twice a week. I don't plan on ever giving them up, but for right now, I just try to stay away from them - while I'm trying to hit my goal weight.

    At first it wasn't easy, but in the process, I've discovered alternatives (quinoa has been the biggest hit) and I don't miss carbs that much. At the same time, if I do want a bowl of pasta or a slice of pizza, I don't fear it. I eat what I want (reasonable portion) ... I know that there will be some bloating, but it's temporary. Some foods bloat me more than others (like couscous and hummus), so if/when I eat them, I know that if I weigh myself in the next day or two, I will show a gain, but it's not permanent. It's just the body's reaction.

    Don't fret. Listen to your body. Things will even out.

    1. I have this bag of quinoa in my pantry. I took it out yesterday and looked at it awhile, and looked at a recipe I have calling for "cooked quinoa", and I just didn't know what to do with the stuff, and didn't have the time and energy to go look it up. So I made a pasta dish instead.

      I've had quinoa a few times and I like it a lot, but buying the stuff plain/raw/from the health food store, no package, no seasoning packet, no instructions - I just turned into a bumbling fool w/ it. Gotta put in the time to look things up.

      Glad you like the pic. :)

  2. Ah.....scales, bloated belly's and grains...a trifecta of all things awful!!

    I definitely agree that grains lead to a bloated belly. I've been wrestling with giving them up but I'm not sure if that's something I want to do long term. Right now my goal is to work on restricting them. Like maybe only having grains for breakfast and seeing how that goes.

    I LOVE the first paragraph of the post. No excuses about what the scale reads!!

  3. I know I wouldn't be able to give up my grains. Even if it meant I would have a perfectly flat stomach.