Sunday, April 22, 2012

RFSC End of Week 4

My goals this past week:

Weight loss:  .8 lb - FAIL 
Weigh in Tues morning showed a 2.4lb gain - from 145 to 147.4.  I'd been doing well though, so I'm not concerned about a fat gain.  My concern is more about why I'm bloated.

Fitness:  12 push ups, 6 challenging workouts (including a hike/mtn climb), and add weighted butt crunches to my workouts. - SUCCESS!
Did 14 push ups today!  They weren't fully down to the ground, but far enough to count, I believe!
Did 6 challenging workouts.  Actually 4 challenging and 2 not so tough, but 2 of the challenging ones were challenging enough to compensate for that fact.
Weighted butt crunches - didn't do.  But 2 out of 3 ain't bad.

Nutrition:  A WORK IN PROGRESS. (If I'd lost weight at Tues weigh in, I'd re-think my daily goals vs. weekly goals.)
I didn't lose, but I'm fairly certain it had to do with reasons other than calorie consumption and burn, and more to do with the types of food (starches) I'd eaten.  I'm still learning about this issue,  and I'm definitely beginning to focus more on types of foods/calories I eat, their effect on my body, and also think more along the lines of weekly calorie consumption and burn rather than daily.  Since I'm not someone who does well w/ routine and consistency, I'd prefer to start thinking about my weekly plans and then have more freedom to be spontaneous with my days.  Eat a lot some days, eat less others, workout very hard some days, skip workouts other days...and always mix up the workouts rather than fall into any routine.  That's something I can stick with for the rest of my life.

Increased my water intake, and got to bed earlier than usual a couple of times, but the sleep part still needs improvement before I can label it a success.

Goals for RFSC Week 5

Weight loss: 1.4 lbs on Tues' weigh in, in 2 days.  (146 lbs).  And below 145 by next Tues' weigh in.
Since I don't believe the 2.4 lb gain was fat, I think it's reasonable to reach for a goal of 2.4 lbs lost in 2 weeks, and to achieve this by finding my dietary bloating culprit, as well as to keep burning more cal's than I consume.
Fitness:  keep the 14 push ups, and bring them lower to the ground.  Add weighted butt crunches and lunges to 2 workouts this week.  Hike/climb and play tennis again this week.
Nutrition:  figure out SOMETHING "aha!"-ish about my bloating and implement some change into my diet to try to improve it.
NSV:  Try 2 new recipes
Mini Challenge:  will make good this week on my pay it forward plan, which I just came up with Saturday.

Motivation for the week:


  1. Congrats on the push ups! Good luck this week.

  2. ick. sorry about the gain...and i know for me bloat is from sodium...its so sneaky!! thanks for your kind and uplifting comments! i am exactly the same as i was last week. but like you i FEEL good....and i am focusing on that.

  3. You're doing so great on the exercise front!! Keep it up :)

  4. I'm still doing the "girly" pushups so you are doing great. Good luck with week five. :)

  5. Some times you have to chock a gain up to bad timing and remind yourself that your hard work WILL pay off. Keep on truckin'. Things will improve.

  6. Push ups are hard! I can only do them on my knees, but I can do about 30 or so!

    1. Maren, if you can do 30 on your knees, you can almost certainly do 4-5 on your toes!