Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Weigh In and Stats for week 13

Weigh In 5/1/12:  146 lbs  (stayed the same)
And my period is just starting - my body seems to be not quite sure if it wants to start.  It's a few days early, I haven't had any PMS, headaches or cramps, but it's sorta starting anyway.  And that makes me psyched for next week's weigh in.  Post TOM weigh ins are always the best.  :)

Corrected numbers (confusing which row to copy from in MFP - they add my workout cals to my recommended daily goal and list it alongside my actual daily intake, and I keep copying wrong one and accidentally increasing my cal intake.)
Tues: ate 1722   burned 355    157over       32m treadmill run/jog
Wed: ate 1671   burned 452    9 over          60m  Tae Bo Ripped (w/ weights)
Thur: ate 1254   burned 343   299 under     31m   treadmill run/jog
Fri:  ate 1666     burned 442   14 over         54m  Tae Bo (old one)
Sat:  ate 2031    burned 743    78 over        1 h 35m  Tennis, stairs
Sun:  ate 1529   burned 297    22 over        34 m  Step aerobics
Mon:  ate 1449  burned 597    358 under   1h 40m  Jillian Michaels Shed & Shred (w/ weights)

Corrected - Calorie goal (to lose .8 lb per week): 1210 daily/8470 weekly
I averaged 1617 daily/11,322 total for week
3229 burned (6 hrs 46 min exercise)
8,093 TOTAL  (377 cals below goal)


  1. I heart your summary! Amazing job!

  2. I'm a total number junkie so love seeing these kinds of stats from others. Great job!

    I have an excel sheet that might be fun for you. You plug in your calories-burned goal, then fill it in daily with your calorie burn for the day. A pie chart on the side fills up as you move your way closer to your burn goal. Email me if it might help you. =)

    1. Will excel work on a Mac, do you know? If so, I'd certainly like to give it a try! Thanks!!

    2. Hey girl,
      It should work if you have the Microsoft Office package... if not I can try and send it via google docs but I've noticed it doesn't transfer graphs well... but maybe you can still use the data entry side? Email me if you want to give it a try. =)

  3. I'm looking forward to a post-TOM weigh in as well!