Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Day 65 - New Excuses - the view made me overeat.

I am Queen of finding excuses for my regrettable dietary choices.  I will not mind ONE BIT if people look right past my BS and call it what it is, and give me something to think about next time I'm creating excuses in my head, standing in front of a platter of food.

Tonight's excuse is a beaut!  Literally - a beautiful view!!  A cocktail party w/ my guy and some friends with lots of lively political and philisophical discussion.  Wine, art and finger foods everywhere.  I split a plain tuna salad and garbanzo/kidney bean salad w/ my guy before we went, so I wouldn't be hungry and could better resist overindulging.  I still overdid it - but not by much.  The rich, decadent flourless chocolate torte w/ fresh whipped cream put me over the edge.  (I did resist the cream, and the torte was cut into many tiny thin slivers, THANK GOD!)

Check out the view from the apartment's window though.  How could one not savor every taste and overindulge in life when overlooking the most romantic location in all of NYC.  I adore Lincoln Center, and it's not just a Moonstruck thing.  I've never seen it from this angle before - watching the sun set over the river beyond it, and the lights of the fountain and skyscrapers begin to glow brighter as the orange sky faded to blue, then black.  Food.  Wine.  People.  The view.  The food.  The cheeses.  The fountain.  My taste buds.  Life.  >sigh<

That's my excuse.  This view inspires increased wine and cheese consumption.
I did have a somewhat long brisk walk to/from the subway and the party/apartment once I got to my boyfriend's place, so I get to add that to my other workout.  Damage isn't that bad after that adjustment.

Your Daily Summary

GoalFoodExercise= Net
12101590- 413  1177

Workout:  Crunch Step & Sweat w/ 8" step, Firm Abs and 20 min brisk walking in city.  (Does wearing high heels make the walk more or less productive, d'ya think??)


  1. You live in NYC? I love NYC ... especially the area around Lincoln Center (when I go I often stay at the Empire) - stunning view ... can make you forget what you're eating.

    I'm sure you'll work it off :)

    1. I believe the Empire was the building to my left when I took this. Big red light up letters, right? But you're supposed to point out how weak my excuse is, not back it up. ;)

      I live an hour out of the city. Boyfriend's in Manhattan. I love it there too, but I'm glad to come home to my yard and trees and space when I'm done eating all the hors d'oeuvres the city has to offer.

    2. This was what I wanted to comment! That I loooove going into big cities and exploring them and taking it all in, but nothing is like living a bit further out, and closer to .... free space. :)

  2. But you still managed to meat your calorie target!

  3. LOL you're right - sending you a virtual scolding for indulging ;)