Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Oh crap, crap. crap, crap, crap!

Weigh-in this morning (at my friend's house, since I don't own a scale):

My thought:  that can't be right.  I didn't gain 2.4 lbs this week.  No way.  This digital scale is wonky.

Step off the scale.  Pause.  Make sure I am truly, truly naked and jewelry free.  Back on the scale.

WHAT?  Shut up, you piece of crap scale!!  Give me the right number!

Off.  Pause.  Back on.
Alright, what happened to 147.4?  I'll take it!  I mean, I thought I hated it at 1st, but it's looking better and better now. 

Then I spotted an old fashioned turning-type scale on top of the bathroom cabinets.  Got on that.  145 - maybe a smidgeon over it - 145.5?

I want to say I'll just go with that, but I know that's ridiculous.  I have to stick with my usual scale.  But what the heck # do I go with for this week, "officially"?

My weekly stats:  Recommended Weekly Calories for .8 lb weight loss per week:   8400 per week (or 1200/day)
I ate 9239 calories - that's 839 calories over my recommended goal for the week.
Exercise:  5 hrs 45 min, burned 2526 calories this week.
I should say that in doing all this math w/ my stats from MyFitPal, my numbers keep coming up differently, but even considering all the variations, my end results says I've burned off my excess calories consumed.  I haven't been hungry this week at all.  When I'm under my daily cal count, I'm only under by a little.  When I've gone over, I've gone way over - 130, 798, and 256 over on different days this week.  So I don't think my metabolism is slowing down due to not eating enough.  Plus, my "under" days haven't been under 1200 cal's eaten - the total just comes down below 1200 after I factor in my workout. 

Issues to consider: I had NOTHING in my stomach when I weighed in.  I had a horrible migraine and nausea yesterday, threw up even after my stomach was empty, and late last night managed to eat only a bowl of Cheerios.  I was under my 1200 calorie goal for the day.

Other issue - for some reason, the past 2 days I've been noticing my stomach/waist looking thicker than usual.  Bloating?  Fat?  WHAT?  Why??  So I wasn't really sure I'd see a weight loss this week.  But not a 2.4lb gain, or a 3.2 lb gain!

I have no idea what to make of my weight today.  I think I'll re-check tomorrow.  Not sure why I think a day can somehow clarify my weight, but I'm not sure what else to do, or which # to go with for my weekly weigh in. 


  1. I know how you feel, but if you're sticking to calorie deficit & had hardly anything for dinner, (and I KNOW you kick ass with workouts) whatever is going on with your body (or the lying scale) isn't a reflection of weight gain.

    Hope you're feeling better :)

    1. Thanks, Raeesa. I was thinking that way too, but then started wondering if it's just typical excuses people make to themselves when they gain. So it's nice hearing you saying it, knowing what my diet/workout routine looks like too.

      Going to re-weigh tomorrow and whatever the scale says, it's my official weight for this week. Time to put on some big girl panties and accept reality.


    #1 - is the scale you used the normal one you use?

    #2 - if the ground is not flat where the digital scale is placed, your stance/distribution of body weight on the scale will alter the numbers (I know from experience).

    #3 - being sick (flu, head cold, nausea, anything other than "normal") will throw your body out of sync.

    #4 - whole wheat/grains can bloat you. Again, only pulling from my experience, but eating grain/whole wheat on an empty stomach kills me, bloating wise. In fact it bloats me all the time which is why I've slowly been cutting it out of my diet.

    If you're doing everything right (which sounds like you are), the weight on the scale will catch up. I wouldn't worry about the number right now, and jump on your normal weigh-in scale tomorrow.

    Any way it could be TOM bloating?

    Keep us posted!

  3. Ahh, Thank you Annie! I was waiting for your feedback on this.

    No, it's not TOM at all.

    Yes, this was my normal scale. Yes, the ground in my friend's bathroom is a little lopsided in places, but it's where I weigh every time, and I move it around to double check in all the flattest looking spots.

    I eat lots of whole grain breads. I'm totally hooked on them. I've made halfhearted attempts to cut back on them due to the info my sister and you have provided, but I keep going back. I'm a sandwich junkie. And it's hard to get rid of that "healthy whole grains" idea that I've always subscribed to. I figured I could work off the excess calories, but I never thought bloating would be an issue. That's not something I can work around so easily, and it's an immediate problem. So I think I'm going to have to heed your advice and try out a significant decrease in grains. (God help me.)

    Maybe it's time to go look up some recipes with alternate types of "flour".

    As always, thank you for the info!!

    1. Glad to help. Two places I want to point you to (feel free to ignore them if you choose) is the book called Wheat Belly and The Primal Blueprint. Both explain the effects grains have on our body (basically our body reacts and digests the grains as if it were sugar) and both have pointed me into a much more comfortable area.

      Also, I use a ton of almond and coconut flour in place of regular flour and even though it's higher in calories, it's much easier on our bodies. Let me know if you check out either of the books. =)

    2. Thanks again! I plan to. "Wheat Belly" - haha. I may end up having to get that bumper sticker as well.

  4. Some days our bodies just don't respond in the way that we'd like them to. If you weight yourself throughout the day you'll see that the weight will fluctuate. It doesn't always make sense, but don't fret. You're doing everything right. You're working out and you watching what you eat. Keep at it!

    1. I like telling myself this also. I just want to make sure that I'm not kidding myself. I could very easily do that, to justify things like pizza and ring dings.