Monday, April 9, 2012

Week 10 Wrap-Up

Today wraps up 10 weeks of my weight loss/fitness endeavor.  It really just started off as a dietary improvement/weight loss endeavor, but it's morphed into a lot more than that now, and I no longer see any deadline looming ahead.  Yes, I still want to lose the 10 lbs I set out to lose, but my top goal now is to  implement permanent changes into my daily life that will help me burn this excess flab off and keep it off.  To be knowledgeable about and in control of what I eat.  I realize my initial goal of losing 10 lbs in February was pretty moronic.  I'd never be able to maintain the habits I'd have needed to implement to make that happen.

Reading many of your blogs has helped me feel more accepting of my "bad days".  Such is life.  I'll have days where I want to just eat a lot, or there will be a lot of foods I love that I don't usually get to enjoy, so I have more than I probably should for hunger/nutrition sake.  This is going to happen periodically in life, and I may as well learn how to work around them. So I'm not beating myself about Easter weekend.  I may not lose any weight this week.  Oh freakin' well.  I had a great Easter.  I have implemented a lot of great new habits in recent weeks.  I'm improving, even if the latest improvement isn't a weight loss one.

That being said, I am weighing myself in the morning and OHMYGOSH I WANT A LOSS!!!!  
(if I can't be painfully honest here, what's the point??)

My target calorie intake for losing .8 lb per week is 1210 cal per day (without factoring in exercise).  For 1 week, that's 8,470 calories.
I consumed 11,572 calories this week.  That's 3,102 excess calories which, ideally, should have been worked off.

Exercise:  In 4 1/2 hours of exercise this week, I burned off 2,102 calories.  (How in the hell did that work out so perfectly, with the "02"?  I've triple checked my math b/c this seems like a mistake, but no - it worked out this perfectly.)  This brings my weekly calorie total to 9,470 -which is 1,000 calories over my target.

So I can't really expect a weight loss at weigh in tomorrow.  Of course, this is all math and calculations, and who knows what else is at play.  (TOM last week adding to my weight, weight work this week increasing my metabolism even if my HRM couldn't calculate that during my workout.)  So I'm still hopeful.  I reallllllly want the scale below 147.

Your Daily Summary

GoalFoodExercise= Net
12101651- 333  1318


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  1. I LOVE that motivation pic -- it's so true. I think it's great to work towards a goal, but when it comes to living a healthy lifestyle -- it's forever.
    Good luck with your weigh in!