Sunday, April 1, 2012

Week Two Mini- Goals

Summer Challenge - Week one progress:

Weight Loss: UNKNOWN. (Weigh-in Tues morning)
Nutrition: SUCCESS. Pre-planned most of my meals. Switched to calorie count rather than WW points, and logged everything into  It's actually fun!
Fitness goal: SUCCESS. Got my HRM.  Worked out 35 - 60 min, 6 days this week.
Push ups goal: Did 4 in a row last Sunday. Did 8 today.  (And loathed every single one.)
New veggie recipe:  didn't do yet.  I intend to try roasted curried cauliflower - a veggie I RARELY eat.  I'll add that on to my to-do list for early this week.

Other than the veggie challenge, I met my weekly mini goals.

Week two goals:
Weight Loss:  .8 lb (again)
Nutrition:  My fat intake has been higher than the daily recommended each day, even when my calories were under.  I want to change that this week - keep it at recommended level at least 3 days.  This will be difficult since that total ends up high even when I think I'm eating super-healthy.  I'm not sure how to cut it.  I need to experiment, which is why I'm keeping my goal realistic - 3 days or more this week.  Baby steps.
Fitness goal:  6 hard workouts this week, incl. two Insanity.  12 push ups on toes by next Sunday.
I just purchased a new Tae Bo DVD a few days ago, and I always tend to mix up my workouts to avoid  my body falling into routine that doesn't require as much focus/energy.  So rather than focus on that goal this week, I'm going to stick to last week's NEW VEGGIE/RECIPE challenge, and double up on it.  I'll try two this week.

Have a great 2nd week!!

My motivation pic:


  1. Great job with week 1!

    And finding a good balance with fat/calorie counting is tough. I found what works for me but it took some time.

    Healthy fats do your body good so don't be afraid of them... I keep my fat intake to about 40% (HIGH, I know!) of my cals everyday and I've honestly never felt better. Hope you find out your number. =)

  2. Awesome work :)
    I'm trying to focus on my push ups as well!
    Love the motivation picture!

  3. congrats on a great week! i have been wanting to try that exact recipe. let us know how it turns out. cant wait for the official weigh in!

  4. Good job with week 1 and good luck on week 2!!

    I couldn't do 1 pushup on my toes!!! :)


  5. I think you did so great in week 1, now let's killlll it in week 2 :D

  6. Good job...Success for week 1! I have to agree myfitnesspal can be fun...I couldn't believe how much I was eating before I started keeping track. It was crazy!

  7. Great job on week 1! I too gave up WW and switched to MFP, and I'm much happier. Hope it works for you!

  8. You did so great on week one! I can't wait to read your week 2 update!

  9. Not sure if you have tried the cauliflower but I recommend you also try it by sprinkling garam marsala powder instead of curry. Different taste but so good!

    1. I'll make a note of that on my recipe print out. Thanks for the tip, Maria! I'm hoping to make this tomorrow at my sister's house. If all goes well, I'll be happy to a few variations on this to serve w/ different meals.