Saturday, April 21, 2012

I ate my excess, but there are a few leftovers.

I went a little crazy this evening.  After a pretty great day of eating, this evening I decided to indulge in a small croissant w/ some chocolate almond butter shoved in the middle.  Then an hour later, after baking brownies for my friend's b'day party tomorrow, I ate a big one.  It had peanut butter mixed into the batter.  Not by accident, either.  I put it there.  Yep.  So much for my huge burn today (1047 calories playing tennis for 2 hrs) and the indulging I'd get to enjoy tomorrow at the party.  Oh well.  I guess I *could* try to play tennis again tomorrow.  In the rain.  Before Church.  By myself.  >sigh<  ;)

I'm gonna have to mentally prep myself to stay in control at the party again, like last weekend.  If this routine continues, I'm going to have the most toned "just say no" muscle EVER!  (At least, at social gatherings.  Maybe not so much in my kitchen in the evening.)

Your Daily Summary

GoalFoodExercise= Net
12102114- 1047  1067

I'm pretty tempted to workout before bed now to burn back off some of the calories.  But I can't help thinking that's not really a healthy way of handling things, and might even (potentially) be the start of some sort of disorder.  I mean, I'm still 143 cal's below my daily goal w/ my workout factored in.  So chill the hell out, self, and just skip the damn brownie and/or the croissant next time.  Duh.  It's just that all day I had SO many excess calories left, and I was eating so well, and I just didn't think I'd end the day having consumed back so many of them.  The black beans side dish w/ dinner played a big part in that - which is fine by me.  Black beans are pretty great!  Those silly old evening munchies though...

Time for a motivation pic.  This is someone named Kelly Brooks (model?  TV person?  Dunno, but she has the most amazing figure ever, and either a great photoshop toucher-upper, or a total lack of cellulite despite being so curvy, which is remarkable!)

Motivation time:
Push it
Kick it
Do it!
Lift it

And in honor of Maren:


  1. Thank you for your encouraging post over at Me and You.

    Well done burning over a 1,000 calories. And good luck with your self control at the party today. YOU can do it!!!

  2. That is a fantastic burn! Staying in control is hard, but soooo worth it!

    Thanks for the shout out, it made me feel proud and grow an inch! ♥

  3. Don't be so hard on yourself. Exercise and eating aren't about negating each other - they've got to work together. There will be days when you'll eat whatever you want and there will be days when you won't exercise at all - it's just about finding the right balance of those days and not fretting over them.

    Hope you had a fun night out :)