Saturday, April 14, 2012

Day 75 - Tennis, Sun & Champagne

Such a great day!  Warm, sunny, got out early and played tennis with a friend who sucks as badly as I do at it.  Burned 998 calories playing, running after missed balls, and cracking up for 2 hours.  Got a bit of a tan in the process.  And honestly, I discovered I don't suck at tennis as badly as I thought I do.  We're making it a weekly thing. YAY!  I've always wanted to be a decent tennis player.  Tennis players have the best quads.  (Well-defined quads are one of my top priorities in this fitness endeavor.)

As for tonight's cocktail party, I'm happy with myself.  There WERE brie and raspberry phyllo dough hors d'oeuvres there (my fave!), and I had 3 - after I finished my 1st plate of raw veggies.  ( >applause< ) I had about 2 oz of very crappy champagne, then switched to water in a wine glass - it being a cocktail party n'all.  I took a palm-size of the main food there - eggplant rollatini.  There was also a table full of desserts, and I had 1 large chocolate-dipped strawberry and 2 small chocolate dipped peanut butter balls.  I skipped the eclairs and butter cookies, and avoided going back near the brie treats as soon as I decided "that's gotta be it."

I'd also eaten regular dinner earlier, just so I wouldn't show up there famished and make a meal of fried hors d'oeuvres.  So I had a lot of calories today, and ended up about 200 over, despite my tennis workout.  I didn't want to end the day that way, so tonight I did 25 min of jumprope/jacks/jogging/knee lifts to burn off the extra cal's.  I LOVE my HRM for enabling me to track this stuff!  I'd never have guessed I burned so much playing tennis because I was having way too much fun to consider my HR.  I'd also never have felt so sure of the extra workout cal's burned without the HRM.  It's pretty great being in-the-know about these things, since, y'know, it is my body and my metabolism.

Your Daily Summary

= Net
Exercise:  1 hrs 10 min of tennis in AM, and 24 min of jacks/jumprope/jog/knee lifts in PM.  It's worth noting that MyFitnessPal's database calculated 130 min of tennis for me as burning 998 calories.  I used my HRM for it, and it calculated 996 cal's.  I'm really impressed with MFP's database accuracy!

Today's motivation pic -Anna Kournikova seems appropriate:


  1. Skipping eclairs?! Well done!

    Well-defined quads <-----Me wants :)

  2. Almost 1,000 calories for tennis?! WOW! I'm super-impressed that you did an additional 25 minutes of exercise to burn off the excess calories - sounds like you had a successful evening :)

  3. Wow, 1000 calories for tennis is GREAT! I've never played it in my life, but maybe I should :p

  4. I absolutely love tennis as well! I've watched it forever, but I only started playing a little last month when I felt fit enough to do it.

    Nice to find your blog btw! I liked the Adriana Lima pics you've put up in another a shallow way, I always feel a bit better seeing things like that. :)

  5. those raspberry things sound amazing. good job sticking to your plan! yet, still enjoying yourself. very balanced!