Sunday, April 15, 2012

Sore in weird places

Wow, tennis is a whole different workout for me, and I'm feeling sore in the oddest of places.  The top of my arm, between my wrist and elbow.  (!!??!!)  My ribs - mainly my right side.  It feels streteched out.  Unusual feeling today.  I wish I was feeling it more in my leg muscles.  I don't really care to develop muscle definition between my wrist and elbow.  

Today's report and motivation (edited late PM, after my workout, because I didn't finish.  Had to add back a bunch of calories to daily total.  Oh well...)

Your Daily Summary

GoalFoodExercise= Net
12101679- 3391340

Exercise:  Tae Bo (not to end), Firm Abs

This'll be me by summer. :)


  1. Starting a new exercise always seems to reveal aches and pains (as well as muscles and strength) in places we never thought of before!

  2. i should really try tennis again... your major calorie burn (mentioned in another post) makes me really want to try it. but for me it's more like "jogging" cuz i spend the whole time running after the ball after i fail to actually hit it :-)

    1. That's exactly what I did, El! We didn't bother with strict rules either, so if the ball bounced twice but was still hittable, we went for it - anything to keep the back and forth going longer, when possible. I think 100 cal's burned was from laughter too. (At one point I served and the ball went one way, the racket went the other. I cracked up so hard it hurt.) Go for it!! Suck at it and get your workout. It's FUN!