Monday, May 21, 2012

Oh, what a horrible week I did to myself!

So I hit my goal of 10 lbs last week and celebrated by launching into 5 days of overeating and not exercising.  Not ONCE have I exercised since last Tuesday.  I have lots of excuses:  friend's bday dinner, another friends gathering w/a tableful of snacks and drinks, a wedding, traveling for the weekend... They are excuses.  Not reasons.  There is no reason to have eaten all the crap I've eaten day after day.  I'ts frustrating now to think that I hit my goal last week and I have to work to acheive that again now in another week or two.  But I am getting on that scale tomorrow morning and looking at the #, and posting it here, and dealing with the reality of my bad choices.  I'm trying not to let it get me discouraged enough to feel like everything's been in vain, because that's ridiculous.  Eating healthy and exercising for 4 months can not possibly be a waste, even if I ate so much this week that I'm back up 10.4 lbs to my starting wt.  STUPID.  I gotta let it go and get back into my healthy routine.  I knew all along I'd have bad spells at times.  I will again at some point.  I can make physical progress the majority of the time, and consider these times to be mental or emotional progress.  I messed up.  I'll deal with it.  I'm still goal oriented, dammit!

OK, now...Humble pie time:

Tues:  Ate 1413 cal.  Burned 463 cals.  (60 min Tae Bo Ripped w/ weights)
Wed:  Ate 1969 cal.  No exercise
Thurs:  Ate 2158 cal.  No exercise
Fri: Ate 1835 cal.  No exercise
Sat: Ate 2646 cal.  Burned roughly 650 cals (on feet and moving around almost all day)
Sun:  Ate 2109 cal.  No exercise
Mon:  Ate 1824 cal.  Burned 624 cals.  (78 min Shed & Shred 1&2 w/ weights)

My recommended daily calorie intake to lose .8 lb per week has been decreased from 1210 to 1200, so my weekly intake should be 8,400 calories.

I consumed 13,954 calories.
I burned 1,087  cals (2 hrs 18 min of exercise.)
TOTAL WEEKLY CALS:  12,867  (4,467 cals over goal.  That's 3 and a half extra days worth of calories.  HA!  How lame is that?)

Off to do my workout now....


  1. I think it's kinda great that you still track your calories even when you are off plan. When I'm off, I do not go anywhere near a calorie tracker. I don't want to *really* know what I already know, ya know? :)

    Whatever damage is done is done and now you are back!!

  2. OMG this is SOOOO me this week! I got in a short workout yesterday for the first time since last Tuesday, too! Great weigh-in last week for me, and between that time and today I've had pizza, cookies, cinnabons (three!), ice cream, a grilled cheese sandwich, and a cupcake.

    I'm not looking forward to weigh-in this week. =(

    1. Oh, I feel so much better hearing that. I realize how selfish that sounds, but I just find it much easier to see you as a rockstar in this challenge, and to feel beter about my bad week if I'm only doing what you're doing. :) ha! And now let's both get back on track.