Tuesday, May 8, 2012


Weigh in:  147
(gained 1 lb from last week.)

No, I didn't.  I mean, not fat.  I'm certain.  I know how I ate.  I know how I exercised.  I know how I look.  I know how my clothes are fitting.  So SCREW the scale.  It's hard, because I really wanted that red light up number to pop up and validate my perceptions, but even if the # had stayed 146, I'd have left that room thinking "this really is an unreliable way to gauge fat loss."  It went UP a pound.  That means if I was ready to celebrate a lower #, I should be bummed out by the higher #.  Even though I supposedly "know" better.

So do I really know better?  Am I going to let this silly # dictate my mood??

No.  I had a great week!!  My quads looked so much more toned this week while I did my new workout DVD.  And I have to keep pulling my pants up b/c they're too loose.  I must be developing muscle while burning fat.  So - regardless of the scale - Snoopy time!


  1. You should celebrate! Keep doing what you're doing. The numbers will catch up soon.