Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Taking it easy now to let loose on Memorial Day/Monday.

Today's report:

Your Daily Summary

- 1
= Net
- 536

Exercise:  1 hour/Tae Bo Ripped Extreme w/ weights

Tomorrow's menu is all pre-planned.  All I need is a grilled fish taco recipe.  I'm going to stay within my calorie limit each day except for Monday - Memorial Day, when I will - basically - eat and enjoy everything I feel like. BBQ, dips, mixed drinks and/or Corona beer... I love the start of summer, and the grill and hammock and the pool being opened.  So many poolside snacks and grilled meals are healthy though, so even letting loose won't be that bad with just a little thinking ahead.  I make a great 7 layer dip w/ cheese, sour cream and veggies for tortilla chips.  That and some Corona Liteor a Malibu BayBreeze drink will be my indulgence.  Maybe a dessert too.  So I'll make sure to have some lean meat and veggies on hand for grilling.

Pre-planning.  Good stuff....

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