Wednesday, May 9, 2012

You can't out-exercise a bad diet.

I've been making more and more little excuses for myself with my snack choices lately, and I think that must be why I'm not seeing results on the scale.  I was doing well, and I tend to go too easy on myself when I realize it's not that hard to lose weight and tone up...I'm succeeding, and I'm enjoying the process, so it's obviously not that hard.  Then I crave a bagel and I tell myself, "it's not supposed to be that hard - I don't feel depived, and I'm succeeding, so no need to limit myself so much... just enjoy the bagel and I'll still stay on track."  Sure - once in awhile I can and should do that.  But I think I did it too much this past week.  And I also haven't been getting nearly enough sleep. I have to make that my new, immediate priority.  No point having a low body fat % if I crash my car after dozing off at the wheel.  Fitness can only do so much for ya...

My motivation pic today isn't posted here - it's on Raeesa's blog because it's her progress pic.  And Jenn's new before/after pic.  And Maren's new wardrobe pics.  Freakin' awesome!!  And TOTALLY revved me up to workout hard tonight.  I even burned 30 calories more than usual doing the same workout.  :)

Today's report:

Your Daily Summary

GoalFoodExercise= Net
12101760- 489  1271

Exercise:  Tae Bo Ripped Extreme

Oh - an interesting little bit of info:  For a few years now I've been having some minor discomfort in my right knee when doing high impact workouts.  Nothing to make me stop, but yet it concerned me b/c I thought it might progress into something that could potentially, eventually limit my exercise.  Well, it's totally gone now.  Not a trace of it.  I believe it must be my diet change...I used to try to eat as low fat as possible.  Now, I purposefully add healthy fats in.

Oh - and I ordered this dress from Anthropologie yesterday.  I want my belly to look flat in it, and the gathered drapes to flatter my curves.  We shall see if that will be the case - if not this month, then in June.  Belly must be flat though...nothing's worse than a fitted dress with bulges in the wrong places.


  1. Awesome job with the exercise, new dress, and not being afraid of healthy fats.

    It's made a difference in my injured knee too. =)

    1. Did I read about it on your blog and forgot?? I can't recall where I'm getting different info from - I hear things in the news and read things on blogs and never remember where I get which details or ideas from. I heard something on talk radio this morning about sleep and metabolism which I know I read about in someone's blog a few weeks ago too.

  2. My weakness is that I have a sweet tooth and I often think, if I didn't have that sweet then I'd be dropping this weight a lot faster. At the same time, a 40-calorie After 8 or even a 100-calorie chocolate pudding should not throw me off course in such a way that I don't lose weight. I guess it's all about finding the right balance.

    That dress is gorgeous! Yet another source of motivation to make good choices :)

  3. Can I borrow that dress???

    And, healthy fats, eh? Now you speaka my language.

  4. Beautiful dress. great NS motivation there.

  5. First: me blushing. You being motivated to workout harder? <----this made me feel so freakin' good! Because you already workout really, really hard. I absolutely loved Jenn's B&A pics and I can't wait to see Maren in her new wardrobe additions!

    You will look stunning in that dress! I can't wait to see: I will be patient so I hope you'll post a pic?

    The knee! I'm so glad to hear the pain is gone, because having to choose between pain exacerbation and not working out sucks. Our bodies need good fats for repair and maintenance and our mood regulation.
    (Minnesota Starvation Experiment published a huge book of their results and I was struck by the mood dysregulation of the participants, so I'm all about good fats.)

    "Once in a while" <-- This should be my goal every day, every week, for life. Learning how to enjoy chocolate, burger, pizza at that frequency is a goldmine.

  6. Healthy fats are absolutely essential to absorption of several vitamins, most notably, Vitamin D. Most people are deficient in this crucial vitamin, but taking supplements won't help if you don't have the fats to absorb them.
    I think you need more avocado pudding... ;P

  7. Aw, thanks for the shout out, friend! Glad I could provide some motivation for you as I get lots & lots of ideas and inspiration from your story and your blog.

    I wish there was a way to exercise our way out of a bad diet, but there isn't! Grrrrr!!

    I also feel pain in my knees sometimes when I'm doing high impact stuff - but it's also lessened - almost non existant - as I've gotten stronger. I used to have a heel spur as well and that never bothers me!

    Hot dress! I'm going to be on the hunt for a new dress soon. Can't wait!