Monday, May 28, 2012

Week 16 Complete - Another weigh in to face

Today's report:

Your Daily Summary

GoalFoodExercise= Net
120023320  2332

Weigh in tomorrow....But I can't exercise tonight.  I did something bad to my lower back, and then - stupidly - I did last night's workout despite it still nagging me.    Some of the moves really irritated it more.  I took them very easy, but still, it was clearly a mistake since I hurt now and can't bend or straighten without feeling like I'm creaking.

3 mimosas and a beer didn't help my calorie count today, but I am still under my cal amount for the week. However, my period is just starting tonight, so who knows...  I have a 1.6 lb gain I was trying to work off.  I think I'll get a more accurate account of this week's success at next week's weigh in rather than now.  I'm also looking puffy suddenly today.  Just not a happy time to get on the scale.  But I will.

This week's stats:
Tue: ate 1433 cals.  Burned 346 cals doing 38 min step aerobics
Wed:  ate 1737 cals.  Burned 536 cals doing 1 hr cardio w/ weight work.
Thur: ate 1319 cals.  Burned 925 cals playing tennis for 2 hrs
Fri:  ate 2365 cals.  No exercise
Sat:  ate 1647 cals.  Burned 925 cals playing tennis for 2 hrs (didn't use HRM again - just used info from last time, same length of time)
Sun: ate 1817 cals.  Burned 464 cals doing 1 hr cardio and weight work
Mon:  ate 2332 cals.  No exercise.

Total cals for week:  12,650
Total burned:  3,196 (6 hrs 40 min of exercise)
TOTAL: 9,454  (1,054 over goal for week....crap.)


  1. I hate weigh-ins during/around TOM. It can be so demoralizing! Sorry to hear about your back injury. Rest and ice should help. Definitely don't push it. Hope you feel better soon!

  2. Hopefully the weigh in won't be as bad as you think. I hope your back feels better soon!