Tuesday, May 1, 2012

What happened to my puff?

Decent day.  I haven't had a day off from exercise in over a week, but I really didn't want one tonight either, so I just did a very quick easy aerobic workout and skipped the weights section.

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GoalFoodExercise= Net
12101347- 1931154

So I didn't lose or gain anything this past week.  It's the 1st day of my period, but the strange thing is, my belly looks flatter than usual, and I see new muscle tone in my lower abs.  Where's the puff?  Today, of all days of the month??  I need to go examine my journal at MFP to see what's changed.  Sodium?  Carbs?   Jillian Michaels after-effects?

I really have to have an excellent week now to not only figure out and keep up the bloat-reduction, but to also take advantage of the fact that the week after my period is usually a good weight loss week.  If I keep my belly flat AND burn more fat off this week, next week can show the best progress of any week I've had yet since I started this in February.  Plus, it's May!  I want to get to 140 by the end of the month.  I know scale #'s are a sillyish kinda goal, but 140 is NOT a lofty goal for me.  I'm actually resisting the urge to change my goal to 135.  140 is healthy eating, some muscle tone, and soft feminine curves.  It's probably my healthiest weight to maintain.  135 would be a struggle.

Plus, I have some pants I ordered from Athleta like 2 years ago that were too snug in the seat, and I kept forgetting to return them.  I still have them somewhere.  I think I'll have to locate them and try them on again.  It would be great to get some pre-paid new clothes now, eh?


  1. The lack of puffiness is probably also a consequence of all the workouts that you've been doing. You're leaner and more toned than before, so that helps. Celebrate the lack of the puff :)

    140 sounds like a reasonable goal - you can do it!!

  2. No puff! That's all you! All your hard work :)