Tuesday, May 15, 2012

ONE! FOUR!! FOUR!!!! 144lbs! 10.4 lbs lost!! 3 since last week!

Let this serve as a reminder to us all on our weeks when we're dumbfounded by the scale not budging despite all our effort, or going UP when it seems scientifically impossible for us to have gained weight.... It will all balance itself out over time.  Keep working, keep making good food choices even after you consume a meal you regret and feel like you've "lost" the day of progress.  KEEP AT IT.  I had two of those days this week.  I had over 1,000 calories just for Mothers Day brunch this Sunday.  I was discouraged and started thinking the week was going to be a waste and I'd have to wait til next week to make progress.  Last night I almost didn't workout because I had resigned myself to the probability that I'd have gained weight this week.  I thought of PlumPetals and her early morning "should I get up and workout?" post, and decided I wanted to feel the way she felt after just doing it.  About 15 min into it, I started getting really motivated, thinking about making a dent in the scale # I'd see this morning.  I was determined to...even if it was only .1 lb, and even if it was due to lost sweat rather than burned fat.  I ended up burning 54 more calories than usual with this workout...used the 10 lb dumbell where I had been using the 5.  Kicked higher.  Squatted lower. 

I FEEL AMAZING!!!!  I could really, truly reach 140 by June!!! 

My fiance and I just set a wedding date of October 20th.  I should be well out weight loss mode by then, but my primary goal now isn't even to enjoy the summer at 140 lbs, but rather to develop eating and exercise habits that will keep me there into October and beyond.  My fiance and I are happy Catholics and we're not living together (or doing anything else together) until we're married.  So all that cellulite on the back of my thighs and butt I'm so determined to burn off?  He hasn't seen it yet.  And if I keep this up, he never will.  (Uh - "keep this up" meaning the diet/fitness routine, not the abstaining from sex routine.  That routine I'm counting the days til I can give up forever.)  I want to look the best I've ever looked on my honeymoon.  I'll probably wear clothes on the airplane, but after that, I plan to stay naked the entire 1st week or two of marriage.

144!!!  PSYCH!!!!!!


  1. WOOT!!! Awesome weigh in!!!! And you're so right about keep going... our bodies are amazing machines and a scale will never tell us what it's doing.

    Better way to think of it: think of your body like a checking account. You make deposits/withdrawals but sometimes you don't see them hit your account until a few days later (sometimes the next week). Same with your bodies. If you know you're doing all the right things, your body will catch up and the number on the scale will show it.

    Awesome job, girl! And great news about the wedding! I'm excited for you two!

    Loved your comment about my secret exciting news (Olympic torch runner)! Literally made me LOL.

  2. Ha! That is awesome!! Great for you!!!!!

    You have a great plan to carry you through your wedding & honeymoon. Sounds like you will be needing a lot of stamina for those first few weeks of marriage ;)

  3. You may get to be naked in the airport... if you look suspicious enough.

  4. Awesome work!!! Don't forget about this post if the scale doesn't reflect your efforts in the future. You're doing an awesome job.
    You've got everything set in motion for all the exciting fun in October. I agree with Jenn, you'll need some stamina for those first few weeks - and I highly recommend yoga to get you that extra bit of flexibility ;) So happy for you!!