Thursday, May 24, 2012

Holy crap, I'm going to weigh 12 lbs by September!!

Not lose 12 lbs...WEIGH 12 lbs!  I love tennis too much!  My tennis pal and I have to force ourselves to stop after 2 hours.  We played through spotty rain today and only stopped then because the court got too slippery to play safely, and I slipped and scuffed up my shin.  I was exhausted and exuberant and wanted push on for another 3 hours.  I ate 1319 calories today, and burned 925 simply having fun w/ my friend.  This rocks!!  I want to do this every single day, but I can't eat enough to compensate for it.  I'll just wither away and die.  Plus, I already bought a beautiful vintage wedding dress and had it fitted, and I weighed about 155 then.  I either have to limit the tennis or get one of those camel packs and fill it with maple syrup to keep sipping from while I play.  Or I'll need to have the dress re-fitted (which will be a real bitch since it was a total reconstruction with material taken from some places and sewn into others by a vintage clothing specialist.  Oy!!  She's gonna kill me!)

In all likelihood,  I'll stay too busy to play tennis more than twice a week.  This week though -it's twice!  Plus I'm planning to get a good strenuous hike in over the long weekend.  Ha!  It's so odd that I'm suddenly finding myself thinking of ways to healthfully increase my calorie intake...just enough to keep fueling great workouts.

Your Daily Summary

GoalFoodExercise= Net
12001319- 925  394

It's the usual time of night that I pop in a workout DVD.  I really, really want to right now.  I am stopping myself b/c that seems a little nuts after 2 hrs of tennis just a few hours ago, and a sore morning after last night's workout.  Plus, I should get to sleep earlier.  I've been saying that for many weeks but haven't really put in the effort to make that change.

I think I'm just crazy-motivated right now.  Gotta make up for last week, and I'm so psyched for June and summertime and wedding planning and the pool being open and the fact that my legs feel so much more muscular than they did this winter.  Damn, that's a good feeling!!!

OK - going to bed.  Hope to read through all you RFSC members' blogs tomorrow when it's slow at work.

Motivation pic for today - (how cool is this chick?!)


  1. Your enthusiasm is jumping off the page! It sounds like tennis is really suiting you! You've got a lot of exciting things coming up in the near future :)

  2. You are totally making me want to try tennis! I have no idea where to even begin!

  3. I LOVE it when I find something that is fun, but also exercise!!!