Monday, January 21, 2013

Eh, well... I guess I'll be back in 9 months

A couple of days after resolving to get back on track and lose the flab I've been putting on since my wedding, I found out that I'm pregnant.  I'm just finishing up a few weeks of being crazy-tired and I've now progressed to daily nausea.  FUN!  I also had some alarming spotting this past week which has me paranoid about exerting myself now, until I get a Dr's OK.  Of course, working out while feeling lethargic and/or close to puking won't be much fun either.  >sigh<

PlumPetals - you keep motivating me via your blog to get back into a good routine we soon as I'm able, OK?  And after September, I am going BERSERK to make up for lost time.  I really hope some of my workout cyber-buddies will still be around and sharing their ideas and motivation then.

And now...I will just expand for awhile...

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  1. Congratulations!!! Enjoy this special time. I have no doubt you'll get back into it full swing when you can. I'm sure I'll still be around. Good to hear from you as always :)